Why I’m backing City Vision for the Waitemata Local Board

The City Vision team for the Waitemata Local Board has got to be the best on offer in the Super City.

Bruce Kilmister, Shale Chambers, Jesse Chalmers, Pippa Coom, Tricia Reade, Kate Stanton and Christopher Dempsey have a marvellous balance of youth and experience.  To my mind their personalities, professional backgrounds, life experiences and political philosophies make an excellent fit for what will be one of the most important Local Boards in the Super City.  This is a team well worth watching – and supporting. More details about the City Vision Waitemata Local Board team here.  

 For the Auckland Council I am also supporting my ARC colleagues Sandra Coney and Paul Walbran (‘Best for the West’, Waitakere), and Christine Rose (Independent, Rodney), as well as Glenda Fryer and Cathy Casey (City Vision, Albert- Eden-Roskill), Richard Northey (Labour, Maungakiekie-Tamaki), Brent Morrissey (Independent, Manukau) and Dianne Glenn (Independent, Franklin).

I also support the City Vision Health candidates standing for the Auckland District Health Board. More details here.  

…and Len Brown for Mayor  

I believe that Len Brown is the right person to lead Auckland.

He has:

  • A strong committment to public ownership of our assets
  • A genuine commitment to public transport – and I believe is sincere about supporting the ARC’s goal to extend rail to Auckland International Airport
  • A track record of constructive and inclusive leadership. Len will be a mayor who will unite, not divide Auckland
  • Demonstrated a commitment to working with people and communities at the grassroots. Len will delegate power down to Local Boards
  • Won’t suddenly change his policies or transmogrify his personality – to further personal ambition

Read more about Len Brown, the Mayor for ALL of Auckland here

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