Auckland’s Brand New Start

Message from Mike Lee:

Mike and Mayor Len Brown

This is a brief thank you to all those voters in Waitemata and Gulf who gave me such an emphatic win as Ward Councillor and also a thanks to the people of the whole Auckland region who voted to give Mayor Len Brown such a massive mandate as Auckland’s first Super Mayor. 

I look forward to working with Mayor Len Brown whom I believe will not only be a strong decisive leader but who will also be inclusive and a consensus builder.

I am proud of Auckland which on Saturday  sent a message loud and clear that Auckland is not only home for one third of NZ’s people but that it is also the most liberal, tolerant, and go ahead city in the country

As I transition out of being the Chairman of the Auckland Regional Council I must say I am excited about working closely with three excellent Local Boards – Waitemata, Waiheke and Great Barrier Island.

At the start of the campaign I said that Waitemata and Gulf was the best electorate in the country.  I know the Gulf islands well but what I saw and learned on the campaign trail when I virtually covered the city ward street by street is that this certainly is true,

To all the people who supported me – thank you very much.


11,225 – Mike Lee

Missed out:

5298 – Alex Swney
3319 – Tenby Powell

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