Last Chairman’s report – Mike Lee’s farewell to the final ARC meeting.

ARC Councillors of 2007-2010. A happy team on a sad day. From left to right (back row)

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  1. Mike Lee says:

    Hard to say Ross. Perhaps it goes back to the very foundations of Auckland and Wellington and their cultures. Wellington was very much a planned, orderly settlement by the NZ Company with ample town greenbelts etc provided at the outset. Auckland was much more a free-wheeling, non-planned settlement. The ARC only tended to clash with its constituent TA’s when it acted as a brake on sprawling development. See my Bruce Jesson lecture ‘Strangers in the 21st Century’ and my presentation to the Melbourne UrbanRail conference ‘Sins of the Fathers – the fall and rise of rail transit in Auckland’. Both posted on this site. Admin.

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