Letter from Paris

Hello Mr Lee,

My name is Jasper Middleton, I am a graduate architect from Auckland, currently living in Paris. I keep a very watchful eye on Auckland’s progress, as I’m a fervent supporter of high-quality, higher-density urban living around a quality public transport system, as a means not only of supporting a viable economic and environmental urban model, but also of creating a vibrant, exciting city.

 I’m consistently angered by the current Government’s steadfast refusal to accept the overwhelming research and precedent in favour or improving density and rail networks. In fact, some of the public comments by Mr Hide and Mr Joyce with regard to the urban limit go so far as to disregard the standard practice of the entire design and planning industries. I take this as a personal affront to my profession –  akin to telling health professionals that cancer doesn’t exist.

It is consistently heartening to see a voice of reason still putting up a fight for Auckland’s future. I have sincere hope that, with increasing momentum of public awareness on the issue, a united voice from the Auckland Council and constituents can prevent some politicians from destroying the city, one quarter acre at a time, one road at a time, and that you are doing an excellent job in keeping a dignified voice in favour of strategies that can really transform Auckland in the long term, for the better.

 Keep up the good work!

Best regards

Jasper Middleton

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